Gourmet Experiences

When you want to dine on the finest marketing cuisine, marketing alone won’t cut it. Eric Ridenour has the experience and skills in many other areas to compliment your digital marketing.


It is well known that sales and marketing are merged at the hip. Marketing gets the customer in the door, sales gets the credit card once they get here. 

Without a propermarketing team, sales will suffer. When you have a marketing leader with over 5 years of sales experience, they know how to hand off the baton so sales is ready to close the deal.

Customer Service

When marketing, there is a need to understand and empathize with the customer. Customer service skills are essential to effective marketing. Whether it be responding to emails, setting up a chatbot, or knowing how to respond to questions and complaints on social media, having a deep understanding of customer service is essential.

Well Traveled

With over 50 passport stamps and having traveled to 17 states (plus DC), 8 countries on three continents, staying at hotels in most places, I understand hospitality from the customer perspective.

I am also currently a Marriott Gold member for my third year. 

Hospitality and Tourism

In addition to being well traveled, I have worked for five hotels over a period of seven years working in every department. From housekeeping and maintinance, to restaurant busser, to server, to bartender to banquet captain, as well as front desk as well as night auditor.

Hiring Eric Ridenour means you get someone who understands all aspects of hotel operations.