Eric Ridenour,


Writer and marketer for destination resorts, hotels and more!

About me

Eric Ridenour is an experienced marketer with a concentration in content and copy writing who can manage all of your marketing needs from webpages, to social media to graphics, email and SMS.

With over a decade of writing and digital marketing experience, you gain a true professional who can get your writing and marketing needs done.

As a T-shaped marketer, Eric Ridenour has the skills and experience to manage all of your marketing needs. With a specialty in writing, Eric can craft compelling emails and web copy to delight and draw in your reader. Whether you are looking for someone with skills to manage ads, social media, email and SMS campaigns, or even put together web pages such as this one with graphics and video to someone who can do all of the above as a holistic project to meet all of your needs You have found your person. 

Eric can do the hospitality and tourism marketing of a 4 person team at the cost of two through leveraging AI, SaaS tools and outsourcing to a trusted and tested team when necessary.


Impeccable Writing

Captivating storytelling to engage is an art

When you hire Eric Ridenour for your marketing, you get an expert in one of the most important aspects of your marketing. From enticing the customer with the website and drawing them in with a compelling ad to convincing them the time is now to book a trip with an email, writing is fundamental to walking the potential customer through a journey to booking a sale. 


Exquisite Social Media

Your social media presence should entice the viewer to a world of relaxation, adventure, or family friendly fun

Your social media should highlight why the guest should choose you. Whether it be nearby attractions, business friendly amenities, or an all inclusive experience where the guest has nothing to worry about but showing up.


Engaging Email & SMS

The email is essential to spreading the word of special hotel events, deals, local events. 

With a strong email and SMS phone list you can build a relationship with your customer. Whether they are looking for adventure, transportation, or if they are a fan of certain holidays, your email and SMS can help create a personalized relationship with your customer, offering exactly what they are looking for.


Embrace Efficiency

I place pride in the use of technology and efficiency to do the work of a 4 person team for the price of two. Whether it be leveraging AI, software tools, data, and cost efective outsourcing, I can be your one man marketing department.

Eric Ridenour's marketing

Rooms & Suites

The digital marketing resort is filled with many themed room types, from email to captivating videos on social media, Hotel Eric Ridenour has the media room for you, no matter what your desires and budget is.

Be sure to sample the buffet of digital marketing.


Social Media

Email Marketing

Websites and SEO

Digital Advertising

Data-Driven Results

Dining Experience

Delicious content cuisine in an unique setting to satisfy mental taste buds.

Specially crafted content, served by a personal marketer.

Your customer is the reason you exist. Your marketing is how they know you exist. With a beautiful website, attractive social media, and a compelling and data driven ad strategy, you are on your way to a hotal or other hospitality business being filled with happy, fulfilled customers just begging to come back for more. Once I help get them in the door, you just have to keep them, and thats the easy part.


When working with an established marketing professional, you can count on a selection of amenities that come with wisdom, education, and experience that you just can’t get with most marketers.


Over five years of experience in sales. From retail to Internet sales manager, I understand sales and the importance of a well tuned sales department

Customer Service

With many jobs working with the public as a banquet manager, food server, retail sales clerk, front desk, and even in a call center, I have the soft skills to understand and care for the customer.

Hospitality and Tourism

Quite simply, I know hotels. I have worked in front desk, maintenance, housekeeping, restaurant, hotel bar, banquets and even night audit over a period of 8 years, so I understand the ins and outs of hotel operations.

Well Traveled

I have been a guest at over 100 hotels around the world on two continents and a dozen states. I understand customer needs first hand and what makes a memorable experience from the customers standpoint.

Local Attractions

Places of Interest

The world of digital marketing is home to some of the greatest digital destinations in the world. From images on Instagram, to short, bursty test of the Twitter/X app and even compelling video content on Youtube! The global village of the internet has sites for everyone to enjoy.