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Add beautiful copy to your project

When you hire Eric Ridenour you gain a professional who you can rely on to deliver Shakespearean prose or to make something highly technical sound simple.

Do you need words to fill your pages?

I make words to fill pages!

Especially if it is for marketing and blogging. I like that. So do you, you know you do.

Something really great!

This is where I say something philosophical and eye-catching because the bigger letters above were all attention-getting and stuff. So this is where you just tilt your head, say “hua” and hit that button because you want to hire me anyway whether I said something awesome here or not. You know it’s true too. Most of this stuff is meaningless, you want the samples, that’s why you really came here anyway, so let’s just get this awkward phase over with, shall we?


No matter what the need, I have you covered.

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In case you do not believe how awesome I am

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