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Writing Work


With seven years experience in marketing with two of those being full-time digital marketing, as well as educated in Business Digital Marketing from Oregon State University with over a dozen industry certifications, I am in a strong position of experience and understanding of the marketing field. If you are seeking any writing work on business or marketing, look no further.

The Same Ol’ Digital Marketing Trends? Not So Much…


Health and Family

As a parent who has taken several college-level courses in health and nutrition as well as a believer in personal fitness, I have used this experience in my writing to teach others some of my lessons learned for maintaining a happy and healthy family.

8 Quick & Healthy Meals Your Kids Will Love

How To Deal With A Sports Loss

Technical and Academic Writing

Other Work

While business, health, and family are my primary concentrations, I am available for work on most any topic. My experience in life and education has made me a superior researcher and fact checker making me able to write on almost any topic available.